Tools and Equipment Needed for Making Soft Bait

When you first start making soft plastic lures, it is important to make the distinction between commercial production equipment and home hobby equipment.

Tools and Equipment Needed for Making Soft Lure

Using commercial production equipment usually entails a massive injection molding machine and round multi-part molds.

The latter usually consists of an old cookie sheet, a spoon, and your wife’s favorite pots and pans.

Hobbyist/Small Business Tools

For those of us that are not interested in mass-producing soft plastics, the equipment needed to make them is significantly less fancy. It typically includes a combination of the following equipment:

Two-part Injection Mold

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When this two-part handheld mold is connected it forms a complete molding cavity. These pieces are connected by locking C-clamps. The injector squirts plastic into one end of the mold until the cavity is full. When the lure has had a sufficient amount of time to cool, disconnect the pieces and remove the lure.


This specific piece of equipment looks similar to a syringe. The injector injects hot plastic into an injection mold. It consists of a hollow body, a tip, and a plunger, kind of like a turkey baster.

One-Part Mold

This is a flat handheld mold that contains one or more molding cavities. The plastic is then poured into the mold and left to cool. Most molds come in this form.

Pouring Pan

This is paired with a one-part mold, this pan pours the plastic into the mold in a controlled manner.

This pan has a small rim or lip; you don’t want to use one of your wife’s brownie pans. This product is available in both left and right handed models.

Production Pouring Pot

This is a portable device that is used on a tabletop for heating and pouring plastic into the mold. The production pot is a single unit that consists of an open bowl, internal heating coils, temperature controls, and of course a pouring spout.

Melting Stove

This is another portable burner that is used on the tabletop for heating pans and plastic.

Plastic Gun

This device is a handheld piece of equipment used for adding detail to soft plastics. This gun consists of an open cavity running through it, ending at a small heated spout. The plastic is inserted into the gun and is heated at the tip when the trigger is pulled.