The Process behind the Molds

Eventually, a tackle craftsman will come up with an idea for a new type of tackle that cannot be fulfilled by existing products. If you have already been through a situation like this, then you know just how costly this certain job is to succeed at this task.

1. Here are a few tips to make sure you succeed at accomplishing the feat of turning your grand idea into a reality.You should ALWAYS start with a prototype. Many tackle makers mass produce new tackle inventions without ever testing them out, you can see how this can be a big mistake. Try to do some research to find a local machinist that can make you a mold to test out. You should use this to make a few dozen lures, weights, etc. Make sure you test them out on the lake (or any other body of water in case lakes aren’t your forte) before you decide whether or not it is capable of doing its job after it is produced. Chances are you will most likely find a few minor qualms with your mold that will need to be fixed.

2. If you managed to find a local machinist in the last step, this is when you actually meet the person. For a newcomer, making a commercial mold can be expensive. If you are money-conscious your best bet is to purchase a blank mold when you find your local machinist. A few locations craftsmen have luck with calling when they need a mold made are local high schools, vocational schools, and tool shops. Try to call a few of these in your area in case you don’t catch a local machinist. When you finally secure your machinist, bring your blank mold and a wooden prototype to see if they can actually accomplish the task. The cost of this adventure is usually between $0 to a few hundred dollars. Keep your budget in mind when you get to this step.

3. Kind of like price checking at the grocery store, get a cost estimate. Always shop around before you commit. You should get an estimate in writing before you write it in stone.

4. Experiment with different molds. Once you find a decent machinist who is willing to do what you want for a reasonable price, start experimenting with new designs. Blank molds and the lead molds used by hobbyist cost the same and can be shaped into just about anything. This is your chance to be creative! Use some imagination! Have fun with this!

Information about DO-IT’s Blank Molds

DO-IT has blank molds available due to numerous requests from customers for special designs or custom work. However, and this is unfortunate, but the DO-It Corporation is not equipped to offer custom services nor can we create special molds from these blank. But we do offer them as the basis of a do-it-yourself project.

Tool, die, or machine shops often have this capability for this job. Additionally, blank molds serve as a great basis to start. It is produced and assembled the exact same way as our models, the only difference being that they have no cavities.

These custom projects can often be expensive and difficult. Your best bet is to find a machinist who will accept your offer and provide you with an estimate.