Tie Your Own Living Rubber Jigs & Spinnerbaits

1. Using a vise to secure jig or spinner bait – cut two or three strips of “LIVING RUBBER” — approximately three inches long.

2. Stack strips on top of jig and fold around neck of jig with 24 gauge wire (soft bailing wire). Make a few wraps to secure.

3. Using two pairs of pliers, pull wire tight – twist and cut off excess wire with dikes.

4. To form collar: Stretch rubber at the head of the jig until taut and slowly cut with scissors, close to fingers.

5. The long strips work the same way to form skirt. You may wish to split the rubber in sections to get maximum stretch while cutting. Watch the strips fly into dozens of legs. (This step is hard to believe until you see it!!)

6. Now add your favorite worm or pork for the tail to complete your lure. Color combinations and styles are limitless to your imagination. Now you can dress your lures by the dozens for what it would cost you to buy one store bought bait.

7. For spinner baits: Tie the rubber strips by placing them forward of the neck of the lure, as illustrated.

8. Secure by using the same method as the jig tie. (no. 3)

9. Stretch and cut with scissors.

10. This method of: “Forward-tie” will result in legs falling backwards to umbrella your bait.

11. Above illustration shows rod-wrapping thread substituted for wire. (Be sure you pull it tight, and place a spot of Crazy Glue on the knot.)