Sage Spectrum Max Fly Reel Review

The desire to find a lightweight, yet reliable reel made me discover the Sage Spectrum Max Reel, an easy-to-use reel that has the potential of improving your fishing experiences.


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Made out of tempered aluminum, forged at low temperatures, I can barely feel the weight of this reel in my hands. The 6061-T6 aluminum does wonders for this reel, in terms of resistance and versatility.

I personally enjoy its elevated retrieve rate and the frame-to-spool connection that is far more rigid than in the case of other reels. The Sealed Carbon System Drag turned out to be a great choice made by the manufacturing company, which managed to come up with a very fine product.

The palm rim is wide and the arbor is generous, which explains what I mentioned earlier about the retrieve rate.


The drag resolution can be adjusted

We all know that each fisherman has his own fishing style, so it is quite important to have an equipment piece that can be adjusted to one’s desires.

Thus, the One Revolution Drag Knob is a rather enjoyable feature, as it allows the fisherman to use 40 different detented drag settings.

I thought that this is great, as I could feel my fishing equipment as I liked best.

Sage Spectrum Max Reel

It can deliver great results when it comes to heavy-duty fishing

The design and functionality of this reel catch my eye every time I look at all the options I have, in terms of reels, before my next fishing adventure.

So, I have to admit that I end up using it quite often, especially when it comes to heavy-duty fishing.

This reel managed to earn my trust due to its ability to cover the full range of scenarios when it comes to this kind of fishing.

I simply know that I can rely on it for an enjoyable and satisfying fishing experience.

It has a great resistance to wear and tear

Not once I went out fishing on a not so good weather. With the right equipment, rain cannot stop me from enjoying what I like to do best. This is why I always look to invest in proper pieces of equipment, which can withstand a high degree of wear and tear. The hard anodized surface of the Sage Spectrum Max Reel will offer it the protection it needs against corrosion and other external factors.

Comes with an ergonomic handle for an enjoyable use

The rate of success of a fisherman is to be quicker than his capture. So, we all know just how important it is to move the reel from one hand to another when the situation requires it.

I was more than happy to see that the Sage Spectrum Max Reel comes with an ergonomic handle.

I tested the easiness of transferring the reel from one hand to another when fishing on my own and I must say that I was impressed by how smooth the movement can be made.

The Quick-change spool mechanism is another great feature that will make the use of this reel a piece of cake.

A stylish neoprene case and a wide range of colors available

Because every piece of equipment needs proper protection when it is not in use, this reel comes with a stylish neoprene case.

The neoprene will keep the item away from high humidity, dust, and other impurities.

Also, the product comes in a wide variety of colors, which allowed me to choose the best color that compliments my fishing gear.

Chipotle Edition SEE
Cobalt SEE
Silver SEE
Squid Ink Edition SEE
Stealth SEE

In conclusion

Discovering and testing the Sage Spectrum Max Reel was a pleasant surprise for me.

I am wary when it comes to trying out new pieces of equipment, but seeing the sleek design of this reel and its great features, I really wanted to see how it feels in real life.

Overall, I enjoyed the fishing sessions made with this reel and I can say that it is a rather reliable piece of equipment.

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