How To Hook a Plastic Worm

For those of you that don’t use live bait, after you create your own custom worms, you will undoubtedly want to use them!

How To Hook a Plastic Worm

I suggest that you use this efficient method of rigging your handmade worms if you want to catch the big ones:

Step 1. Pass the leader material through the slip slinker and tie it to the hook.

Push the point of the hook into the worm about one-half of an inch.

Step 2. Remove the point of the hook so that it remains one-half of an inch from the worms head.

Step 3. Pull the hook through the worm until the eye of the hook disappears one-fourth of an inch into the head of the worm. Rotate the worm until the point of the hook is up.

Step 4. Penetrate the worm so that the hook goes through past the barb. When you have finally managed to successfully rig it, you should have a straight worm as a result.