Renzetti Apprentice Fly Tying Vise – Review

Fishing is one among the most interesting hobbies. Fly fishing is loved by a lot of people, and they also love to tie flies on their own.

Fly tying is an art and you need a lot of patience and a very good vise. Apprentice Vise from Renzetti is exclusively customized in a user-friendly way to make fly tying easy and interesting.

Fly tying is an interesting tackle craft. The feature of the vises one uses for fly tying determines the quality of the files.

This device will help beginners to make wonderful flies and it also satisfies experienced tiers.

What Unique Features Does this Vise Have

First, this is a high-quality vise for beginners. It is made up of solid aluminum in the USA so it is highly durable and long-lasting.

You can fix the vise on your working table and use it comfortably. It is sleek and light weighted.

The users who used it are very happy, and they always leave a positive review for this wonderful vise. Read real reviews directly on Amazon.

The features of this vise are designed with care so they will serve your purpose effectively. Let’s have a look at them.



Renzetti Apprentice Vise consists of a hinged stem and tension screw. It can hold many types of hooks which vary from each other in size as 28 to 1/0.

You can loosen the rotary and rotate the hex and wrench to fix the hooks. A wrench is packed with the vise so you can keep it safe to adjust the jaw.

If you want to use the vise to tie small flies, you can adjust the pitch by keeping it perpendicular to the stem.

By adjusting the pitch you can tie a variety of flies.

Rotating Head With Jaws

This fly-tying tool has a rotating head with a jaw.

You can fix a variety of hooks to the jaw by simply rotating the head. To fix a very small hook you need to tighten the head.

Tightening the head of the vise will reduce the size of the jaw so you can fix small size hooks effortlessly.

To increase the size of the jaw you need to rotate the head and tighten the clamp to fix big hooks.

This single vise will make your work very easy and fascinating.

C- Clamp

The clamp of this vise is made to fit your tabletop.

It is adjustable and you can rotate the stem and move it up and down according to your need.

Apprentice is available in C-Clamp. This C-clamp makes the vise very reliable. The height of the stem is seven and a half inches.

Fixing the Vise To Your Tabletop

Renzetti Apprentice Fly Tying Vise

Fixing the Renzetti Apprentice Vise to your table is a cake walk.

You need to take the C- Clamp, unscrew it and place in at the edge of your table and tighten it down to mount in on your tabletop.

The stem is movable so you can adjust the vise according to your needs.

Renzetti always keeps its customers’ satisfaction in the first place. Renzetti Apprentice Vise is the result of their consideration.

It is compact and people feel very comfortable to use it. The features of this vise are remarkable, and they will suit all your needs.

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