How To Temporarily Attach a Guide to a Rod

Note from the Editor: Maintaining the position of your rod while wrapping the guide onto the blank is critical.

If the guide is poorly spaced or misaligned it can hurt the fishing rod’s performance.

This can result in premature line wear, incorrect distribution of force along the blank, and stress-induced damage to the rod.

If your fishing rod encounters any of these problems it is more than likely that at the end of the day you will be faced with more than just a broken line or a lost fish.

In order to prevent this, it is a good idea that once you identify the correct spacing on your rod blank to temporarily attach your guide.

These steps and images will help you understand the exact process needed in order to attach your guide to the blank successfully.

1. Heat the guide foot with a lighter.

How To Temporarily Attach a Guide to a Rod

2. Rub Guide Foot Adhesive onto the guide foot; make sure to leave a very thin coat of adhesive.

3. Quickly press the guide foot and hold it in place firmly in its proper position on the rod blank. Make sure you maintain the alignment.