Adding Accessories to Your Soft Baits

Glitter is also known by multiple other names, such as: “flakes”, “flecks”, “flitter”, “sparkles”, and “flash”. By adding glitters and rattles to your soft baits this will increase the likelihood of catching the fish. The glitter you use will give your lure a natural flickering sensational that most bait fish have already. The rattle you will use will attract curious fish from nearby. You can add both of these items to basically any lure, however they have the best results with soft baits.

Adding Glitter in Your Soft Baits
Glitter is one of the most important aspects a lure can have when trying to attract a fish. The flickering of the glitter imitates the body movement that a bait fish usually does. In order to create this effect, you need to ensure that there is a strong contrast between the colour of the glitter and the colour of the surrounding lure. This is one of the keys to catching a fish. Fish don’t have the same eyesight as humans, so keep in mind that the brightness of the colour will be the only thing that attracts it. The following images show the contrast between good colour and poor colour. Bass cannot see combinations of blue and black, but can see combinations of red and blue

Adding Rattles in Your Soft Baits
Rattles also increase the attraction of the lure to fish. Typically, they are designed with a steel ball sealed inside of a hallow glass or plastic shell. As the balls roll around inside the shell they emit a high-pitched clicking sound. This attracts nearby fish and urges them to take a nip at the lure. So if you are trying to catch a swordfish like The Old Man and the Sea, you better not use an itty bitty rattle because it won’t attract anything but small fish. Sounds travel 5 times faster and 11 times louder underwater. Now, imagine that if you were hearing that on the surface. So a rattle that may seem quiet to us may have the reverse effect down below. Manufacturers’ have experimented with the pitch and frequency of these rattles. Thus far, there has been no clear evidence regarding whether or not certain frequencies attract certain species of fish. However, what is clear is that the chance of getting a strike from a fish when using a rattle is a lot higher than a lure without one. Although most rattles will produce decent results, we have seen the most progress with the P&P product line of rattles.