A Honest Review of Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod

There is something special about fly fishing, but in order to truly enjoy this type of fishing, you need a proper fly rod. I have more than enough reasons to say that the Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod behaves like the extension of your arm when you’re out there fly fishing.

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The quality of this fly rod is exceptional and it is more than capable of delivering a great performance. How did I reach such a conclusion? I allowed myself convinced by the description of this product and decided to get it for myself.

And I was more than satisfied with how this rod behaves during a fly fishing session.

Let me tell you more about it.

It works fast and effective

The whole art of fly fishing is to be faster than the fish and sense when it bites the bait. The Aetos Fly Rod has a very good response rate and will allow fast recovery of the capture.

Featuring a fast-action blank, I can say that this actually works very fast in real life as well, not just on the product’s description.

I also enjoyed how sensitive it is. You can feel the vibrations caused by the fish, which is great.

If you acquired sufficient experience in fly fishing, you will be able to tell the difference between an actual bite and fish curiosity.

Very light, flexible, and comfortable


When you’re fly fishing, having a light and comfortable rod in your hands is extremely important.

A light and flexible rod will not just help you feel the fish better, but will also make sure your hands won’t get tired during the process.

Most certainly you want to spend a good number of hours enjoying the calmness of nature and joy of fishing, and this is the kind of rod that is capable of enhancing your experience.

It is very comfortable and can be maneuvered with ease regardless of the situation.

And even when the fish is feisty, the rod will safely bend, giving you the chance to seize the capture without putting the rod in danger.

4 sections that allow an easy adjustment

It comes in 4 different sections, which allow easy transportation and convenient setup.

You may need to be a bit careful when putting the rod together and taking the sections off for the first time.

But, after you get the hang of it, it will be very easy. Once the sections are set in place right, there is no risk for them to come apart when fishing.

High-quality cork handle for a secure grip

When it comes to fly fishing rods, the cork handle will make sure that the rod remains light, while giving you the chance to get a good hold of it.

When the cork is of poor quality, not only will your grip suffer, but the handle will also damage fairly quickly.

I must say that I was pleasantly impressed by the handle of this rod.

It feels just right, without being too soft or too hard, and it does allow a good grip, even when having wet hands.

Aetos Fly Fishing Rod On A Black Background
Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod


If you are looking to upgrade your fly fishing gear, this fly rod from Fenwick can be just what you need.

It managed to capture my attention and admiration and it definitely provided great performance during my fly fishing sessions.

I am glad I came across it and I think it is one of those products that should be considered by those that enjoy this fishing style.

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