Dakota Spinner Blades

What is it?
The Dakota Blade is a new spinner blade design from Hagen’s and is intended for use in all styles of fishing lures and rigs. It’s innovative claw profile creates a unique spin similiar to that of a propeller blade and is fantastic for in-line spinners or double-blade spinnerbaits. This new blade is lightweight and spins very well at slow speeds.

Why Try It?
The unique cut out in the center of the blade produces extra flash from the lure’s other components because they are easier to see. And, the unique movement of the blade produces a new vibration that fish aren’t familiar with, thus leading to more inquisitive strikes. We recommend using this blade either as the dominant blade in an in-line spinner or as the second blade on a double blade spinnerbait. If you are using it in combination with another blade, we’ve had great results matching it with a deep cut Colorado blade in muddy water and with an Indiana blade in clear water.

The blade is being manufactured in four sizes and numerous finishes and is available through many tackle supply retailers.