Daiwa Zillion HD Review – Award Winning Bait Casting Reel

The Daiwa Zillion HD bait casting reel has a total of 10 ball bearings, now I’m going to get a little more technical and tell you the ratio of the bearings, it is: (1MBB + 8CRBB + 1RB).

Daiwa Zillion Type HD Receives The Best Anti Backlash Baitcast Reel Award

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The Daiwa Zillion Type HD reel also comes with the MagforceR-Z magnetic anti-backlash control. This feature prevents backlash while still letting your spool move fast and spin for a longer period of time, the anti-backlash feature was designed out of a free-floating perforated aluminum.

*Looking for a specific feature? Check out the quick-reference chart below:

Bearings 1MBB, 8CRBB, 1RB
Gear Ratio 7.3:1
Line Per
Handle Turn
Wt. (oz.) 7.6
Construction Aluminium
Finish Black
Zaion swept star drag YES
Magforce®-Z cast control YES
Micro-click tension knob YES

MBB = Magsealed Ball Bearing, CRBB = Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing, BB = Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, RB = Roller Bearing

And guess what? You’ll also have the fastest spool in town! Do you want to know why? It’s because of the locking, bayonet-mount side plate and the aluminum guard plate that protects the finish on the top of the reel.

The handle of the Daiwa zillion HD casting reels gives you a grip that is undoubtedly more comfortable than any other.

This is all because of its swept handle design, thanks to this little feature your leverage will be all the better!

This line of reels has a variety of models. The reel that we are talking about right now features a gear ratio of 7:3.1.

This ratio allows the reel to have more versatility, be faster, and be more efficient. When it comes down to your line though, you have a choice between two.

One of the 14 lb line that comes in at a total of 120 yards and will maximize your toughness. The other is the 16 lb line that comes in at a total of 100 yards and will give you extra distance.

You can cater your reel to whatever preferences you have.

Regardless of which you choose you will purchase a reel that is durable and capable of doing the job it was meant for.

This reel is also lightweight, coming in at only 7.6 ounces. How is that for light?

If that sounds like a lot of features packed into one reel, it is, but the Daiwa Zillion HD baitcasting reel has the versatility and capability to match their vastly growing list of features.